Rigensis Kir Wine Cocktails

About This Project

Kir wine cocktail
Kir wine cocktail, a timeless classic aperitif drink made from premium sparkling white wine and
all natural berry liqueurs to our original recipe。

Our story
Kir wine cocktail was first crafted in Burgundy, France in mid 19 century. However the drink
earned the world fame a century later when Felix Kir, the mayor of Dijon in Burgundy and a
pioneer of city twinning movement made it the official drink at the receptions for international
guests. Today kir is dubbed a contemporary classic by international bartending community.
Though making a classic cocktail might be a challenge. This is why today Rigensis brings you a
new hassle-free way to enjoy kir with no bartending skills and special ingredients required.

Kir royal is a blend of brut sparkling wine with crème de cassis, a delicious black currant berry
Kir imperial blends brut sparkling wine with crème de framboise, a raspberry liqueur instead
Sparkling wine constitutes 88% thus conveying its authentic character.

Is best enjoyed well chilled to +8-10 and served in flute champagne glass. We recommend to
consume kir within a day once bottle opened. Kir is traditionally served on its own as an aperitif
before meal or snack. However you will find it a perfect tipple with cakes and desserts as well.

Kir royal
Aroma: light and inobtrusive yet distinct black currant notes
Taste: crisp, delicate and refreshing, a perfect balance of wine and berries
Finish: luscious lingering black currant notes

Kir Imperial:
Aroma: fragrant and distinct raspberry aroma
Taste: lush sensation of summer sun-filled raspberries followed by a delicate mid-palate
Finish:luscious and lingering raspberry notes

Authentic recipe and original production process
Made at a leading European facility, the inventor of world famous continuous sparkling wine
production method
Carefully selected all natural ingredients only
Highly acclaimed in independent tasting